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GRACoL 2013 OBA icon
GRACoL is the catch all color proof for best case scenario in the US commercial print market. GRACoL2013 is the latest version of GRACoL, similar to GRACoL 2006 but produced on a proofing stock with optical brighteners more in line with real world production papers. This proof is also produced and verified using the latest M1 device measurement standards. In addition to process (CMYK) colors this proof is capable of producing 99% of all Pantone spot colors and is produced using a high quality Pantone paper designed specifically to meet the GRACoL 2013 color specification. Corresponding icc profiles are: GRACoL2013_CRPC6.icc and CGATS21_CRPC6.icc
GRACoL Uncoated icon
Finally!! A true uncoated proof using real uncoated paper. Built off of the GRACoL 2013 Uncoated characterization data using M1 device measurements. With both a visual and numeric match to uncoated specs, includes accurate representation of all uncoated Pantone libraries. If you have an uncoated stock project this is the proof you want to use to communicate color accurately.
GRACoL 2006 icon
Generally we recommend using GRACoL 2013, but offer this for clients still using the GRACoL 2006 profile and/or clients who don't want a proof made with optical brighteners. Long term color steadfastness can be effected by optical brighteners. If exposed to extreme light for extended periods optical brighteners will fade and turn the paper slightly yellow over time. GRACoL is synonymous with G7 (although not technically the same thing), but a GRACoL proof is perfect for a "G7" master printer. Equivalent Adobe icc profile: CoatedGRACoL2006
SWOP Grade 3 icon
This is the latest version of "SWOP grade 3." Unlike it's GRACoL 2013 counter part the proofing stock remains the same, the difference being how the proof is produced and measured using the latest M1 measurement standards. This standard is the predominate printing spec for magazines and other high-end publications. We've also improved the media we use to make this proof using Pantone branded media for richer blacks and less curl in the finished proof. Equivalent Adobe icc profile: SWOP2013C3_CRPC5.icc although the older WebCoatedSWOP2006Grade3 could still be used.
SWOP Grade 5 icon
This is teh latest version of the SWOP grade 5 standard. The SWOP coated 5 spec is meant for publications using very dull paper, also known in the industry as "groundwood." This proof is only recommended if your printer or publication has asked for grade 5 specifically, otherwise we recommend SWOP grade 3. Equivalent Adobe icc profile: SWOP2013C5.icc although Web Coated SWOP 2006 Grade 5 Paper would work.
ISO Coated V2 icon
This proof is known as "ISO coated v2" or "Fogra39." This proof is very similar to GRACoL but used in the international printing market. If you are sending a job overseas to be printed, this proof is recommended as a catch all best case scenario proof. If your printer is not printing to this spec they should have no problem converting it to the spec they are printing to. Equivalent Adobe icc profile: ISO_CoatedV2, ISO_CoatedV2_300 or Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
SNAP Newsprint icon
If you're submitting a proof to a newspaper and want to check your color, this is the proof you need. Equivalent Adobe icc profile: US Newsprint (SNAP 2007)